How to Roll Over a 401(k)

Perhaps you've left your job but still have a 401(k) or 罗斯 401(k) with your former employer; you're retiring and are wondering if leaving your money in a 401(k) is the best option; or perhaps you simply want to diversify—now what? 的信息图表, 下面, explains four options to consider: leave your assets in a previous employer's plan, 将你的401(k)养老金套现, initiate a 401(k) rollover into a new employer's plan, or rollover into an IRA (传统的 or 罗斯).

You may have accumulated

There are many factors to keep in mind when considering a 401(k) rollover, including where you're at in your career, your current financial status, and your tax and investment preferences. You should consider all of your options before making a decision, and can use the information provided here to help. If you decide a rollover is right for you, contact a 施瓦布 Rollover Consultant at .


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